Main Services

We continue to study and think about ways to make the industry more valuable.
Drive change and innovation in technology services. Global B2B Market Place for Small and Medium Car Parts is a B2B market place that connects small and medium-sized auto parts companies in Korea and around the world. There is an automotive parts company database, RFQ – Request For Quote (Request for Quote) and E-Commerce features, and it is an online service that is convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

AUTOINSPEC Data-based services for small and medium automotive parts manufacturers (development)


AUTOINSPEC service is a service that visualizes data on basic information and credit information, financial information, production, etc. of domestic auto parts manufacturers. Through data-based information acquisition, transaction risk can be minimized, and it can be reviewed online in advance, thus saving time and cost. Leverage your credit information database to increase your business efficiency. (Returned by 2012)

AUTOINMall Shopping mall specializing in automotive A/S parts and accessories (development)

AUTOINMall is a shopping mall specializing in automotive A/S parts and accessories, which is dedicated to more reasonable prices, convenient purchasing processes, fast delivery and various services. We will provide a variety of promotions with the opening and we will always strive to satisfy our customers based on our expertise in the automotive industry. (2020.01 to be launched)

AUTOINVEN Logistics warehouse matching service (development)

AUTOINVEN is a logistics warehouse matching service that searches and matches the required warehouses between auto parts manufacturers and claimants. Warehouse companies can register their warehouse information and auto parts manufacturers can conveniently find their warehouse through the system. You can search the most suitable warehouse by region, warehouse type, area, etc., and then check the details and apply for use. (2020.02 to be launched)