Frequent question


  • Q. When was the Ottoman establishment?
    (Note)Autoin was established in October 2016.
  • Q. What is KSM?
    KRX Startup Market, which is opened and operated by the Korea Exchange, is an unlisted stock trading platform for trading start-up shares. In other words, the company created an exchange that allows corporate investors who have passed through crowdfunding to conduct stock trading, which is a platform for building a system that leads to crowdfunding > KSM > Connex > KOSDAQ.
  • Q. When is the registration of the Autogen KSM (KRX STARTUP MARKET)?
    (Note)Autoin was registered in April 2018 at the KSM (KRX Startup Market) and is currently available for trading at the Startup Market.
  • Q. What is the Otonian sport code?
    It’s A289700.
  • Q. How do you deal with KSM?Step 1 – Account opening
    Step 1 – Account opening
    ¡ Ordering and trading is possible only through securities companies participating in KSM.

    ¡ Receive KSM participation and application number through securities companies (Kyobo Securities, Eugene Securities, Yuanta Securities, G-bridge, DB Geumto, Kiwoom Securities, Korea Asset, IBK Securities).
    ¡ The KSM participation application number is mandatory when registering as a member through the KSM App.Step 2 – Install an App dedicated to KSM transactions
    ¡ KSM develops and distributes a dedicated app to relieve investor’s trade convenience and activity constraints.
    ¡ You can download, install, and trade through the Google Play/App Store.
    ¡ Orders can also be placed through wire method through the participating securities company.

    Step 3 – Get started with the App
    ¡ Sign up as a member 1. You can sign up after cell phone authentication.
    ¡ Sign up as a member 2. You can use it conveniently when trading stocks by entering account information that can be traded.

    Step 4 – Order
    ¡ Enter an order number: After selecting a sale classification, enter the quantity and unit price of the desired item and order within the running time if the customer account has a balance.
    ¡ Check order submission result: You can check order information in real time from the ‘Current Status by Category’ order menu.Step 5 – Negotiation between parties

    Step 5 – Negotiation between parties
    ¡ Trade in desired stocks: You can negotiate between the other investor and individual in the ‘Status by Category’ order menu.
    ¡ Transaction: You can negotiate with the desired price and quantity by pressing the transaction request button and trade safely through KSM certificate and fingerprint or PINCODE authentication.

    Step 6 – Selling result inquiry
    ¡ Check the tightening status: You can check the tightening status data in the Signing Status menu of all events.