In the automotive industry, SMEs are pursuing changes in online technical services to make their business easier.
We will prepare for the future with various global partners.


Autoin Inc. is a service provider of data-based AUTOINSPEC, exhibition agency, trade transaction and marketing materials as well as, a global B2B marketplace for small and medium auto parts manufacturers. Autoin will grow into a global company pursuing change through continuous development of future technologies such as big data and blockchain based on its expertise in the automotive industry.


Established  October 2016
Services Online Marketplace
Business Database, Online Information Provider, Contents Business etc.
China corporation China(奥特因(上海)网络科技有限公司)
Overseas Office  Indonesia (Scheduled)


Connect to the Global Automotive Industry

AutoIn dreams of a more convenient and advanced world by connecting the global automotive industry. We are working to make the industry better than yesterday by connecting auto parts companies around the world even closer.


Autoin is a combination of Automotive and Industry, which means providing global business for the automotive industry. CI emphasized flexibility and simplicity by embodying ‘e’, the first letter of Autoin’s representative service, Contains.