Smart Automotive Outdoor Life_Flat Edge Bar

Smart Automotive Outdoor life _ Flat Edge Bar(made of aluminum)


Opportunity to meet leading outdoor brands in Korea at the most reasonable price!

1.The fix point / flush rail type is a cross bar applying the wind diffuser technology assuring quiet driving.

2.You can install flush rail cars made in Korea and other countries.

3.We also have 4types_Flat edge bar, Flat through bar, Roof on bar, Roof rail bar

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Establishment of a corporation in China

[2019-02-26] Autoin is embarking on a full-

In order to pioneer China's automobile market, it established a local company in the first half of this year. It is trying to grow its business in China in earnest.

The Chinese corporation, established as of February 26, is still in the setting stage, and plans to actively utilize its Chinese counterpart to focus on generating overseas sales to improve profitability this year.

It said that entering new markets is a must for sustained growth, and based on the fact that it supplied samples from E, a mid-sized South Korean auto parts company, in December last year, it will seek and expand services based on overseas imports and exports to China by global primary and secondary demanders.

Holding the 3rd Annual Shareholder Meeting in 2019.


The 2019 regular shareholders meeting was held at 10 a.m. on March 29 at the meeting room on the fifth floor of the Ottoman headquarters.

A shareholders' meeting is a decision-making meeting where shareholders of a public corporation gather to set important matters for the company as set out in the Commercial Law, and specifies the number of voting rights required to list and pass the agenda to the shareholders' meeting.

On March 14, about two weeks before the meeting was held after the decision on the date, location and agenda of the general shareholders meeting, the company notified the general shareholders' meeting through the corporate disclosure website (

Jang Jae-hoon (CEO of Kyungdong Energy Industry) and Yoon Hyun-jung (CEO of Kyungdong Energy Industry) were newly appointed as the general meeting to approve the third financial statements and to pass the appointment of executives (external directors and auditors), and all issues were approved according to the original plan and successfully completed.

Registering supplier by SL corporation

[2019-04-24] Autogen has been registered as a partner of SL corporation

As a company established in 1954, SL was registered as a partner of E.E.L. and supplied samples of electric vehicle components as it has been focusing only on producing automotive parts such as automotive headlamps and lamps, such as chassis, mirror, and FEM (Front End Module).

Based on the sample supply case, Autoin said it expects to support parts makers to boost transactions and continue business cooperation with mid-sized South Korean companies.

Patent registration


Otto –, obtained the patent related to ‘way of a global sites two b b’.
Online services technology recognized ... – Will focus on developing innovative service.

Otto, global patent on how building site two b b.

Patent registration (about 10 days, ‘for B2B interactive way build a global sites two b b’ registration number is (bare charter representative) a global online services business.10 - 1979442) said that it has completed.

Autoin had applied for the patent in May 2017 and recently completed the registration after a registration decision was made by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

This invention concerns how to build an e-commerce site to induce e-commerce between buyers and sellers, in more detail, a two-way global B2B site method for e-commerce, in which the main server where purchaser information and vendor information are stored is driven by information sharing and inter-company transactions.

"This patent is a cornerstone for expanding B2B-based online service areas," CEO Na Yong-sun said. "We will make efforts to improve weaknesses in existing services based on obtaining patents and provide easier and easier e-commerce services."

the 3rd anniversary of the founding of the AUTOIN Inc.

[2019-10-20] October 20 is AUTOIN's founding anniversary, established in 2016 and celebrates its third anniversary this year.

The 20th is the closing day of the Daegu International Future Automobile Expo 2019, and AUTOIN, who participated in the expo, had a more meaningful time in the third anniversary of its foundation, meeting customers directly at the site.

Autoin, which is pushing to launch new services and change businesses, plans to further grow and strengthen communication among executives and employees and prepare diverse events for meaningful events such as its foundation anniversary.

Participate in a meeting of Daegu Youth cheering company officials

[2019-10-24] On Thursday, a meeting of corporate officials was held at ING Campus near the northern gate of Kyungpook National University to find ways to coexist with Daegu Youth cheering companies.

Attending the event was a company introduced in the daily newspaper "Nock to our company," while Otto was invited to the meeting as the seventh company to be introduced.

The Daegu Youth cheering company co-prosperity project is a project that promotes networking of local "business and youth" based on regional "cafes." Young people can be provided with an active space for drinking and start-ups, career exploration and information on small and medium enterprises in the region, and companies are focusing on enhancing their understanding of the corporate culture favored by young people and promoting their businesses.

The main contents of the meeting, hosted by the youth policy in Daegu City, were discussions on co-prosperity with discussions on finding ways to co-exist with youth cheering companies and holding a corporate networking day to communicate with young people and promote Korean companies.

The city of Daegu promised to hold a corporate networking day in November after collecting opinions from corporate officials to promote co-prosperity through linkage and cooperation among the youth, business and cafe operators.

"In the case of start-ups, we are having a difficult time due to difficulties in the supply and demand of human resources, especially under the job matching," CEO Na Yong-sun said. "We hope that networking between local businesses and young people will be actively carried out through various businesses such as Daegu Youth cheering companies and win-win projects."

Daegu International Future Automobile Expo 2019

[2019-10-20] Otto participated in the Daegu International Future Automobile Expo from 17th to 20th for a four-day run in Exco.

The Daegu International Future Automobile Expo, the largest futuristic auto fair in Korea with 272 companies from 26 countries and about 66,000 visitors, consists of exhibitions, forums and counseling sessions in various industrial sectors, including finished cars, related parts and services.

Autoin, who participated in the future automobile startup joint building of the Korea Advanced Institute of Intelligent Auto Parts and Promotion, met with automobile industry officials to promote the upcoming launch of AUTOINSPEC as well as the flagship service and introduced companies to city officials, including Daegu City's deputy mayor of the economy.

He also participated in 1:1 export consultation meeting to support exhibition companies' advance into overseas markets and consulted with 15 companies from nine countries.

In particular, foreign buyers received huge responses in consultation with U.S. Magna, which is a leading manufacturer of finished cars, Teneco, and Federal Mogul, a large primary parts company in Mexico, because they can request estimates and respond quickly through 빠른 RFQ

The deal with India's Trebax Solutions will help the company recruit Indian auto parts manufacturers that need to be marketed overseas in earnest, and will also seek various business measures between Korea and India based on the deal.

"We hope to meet with our effective buyers at the Daegu International Future Automobile Expo and achieve practical results. We will develop customer-centric technology services such as E-commerce and logistics services through the AUTOIN 2020 vision and grow into a global company," said CEO Na Yong-sun.

Launching the Autoin Official Website

Autoin, which provides global business for the auto industry, has newly launched its website(

The launch of the website allows the company to check new information about the company as well as its services, the company said.

Unlike the previous version of Notice bulletin board at B2B Marketplace which provided announcements only in English, the launch of the Autoin Group website allows Korean-based companies to share a variety of news

"We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website that represents the company," said Na Yong-sun, CEO of Autoin. "We will try to make sure that not only our customers in the auto industry, but also our shareholders have a lot of good news."