Signing up China’s wartime agency

– Autoin Signs Chinese Exhibition Agency ‘Visualization of China’

Otto signed a contract with China’s Zheng Corporation for the agency of the CIAACE 2020 (The 30th International Exhibition of Automotive Accessories, The 5th Auto Maintenance & Repair, Carwash Exhibitions).

The exhibition will run for four days from Feb. 18-21, 2020 at the Chinese International Exhibition Center in Beijing, where Otto will serve as an agency for auto parts makers around the world, including South Korea.

In major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, various exhibitions are held throughout the year, and the number of exhibitions with hundreds of thousands of interior buyers alone is huge. Also, the world’s largest exhibition hall is located in China.

Through the deal, the carmaker will begin full-fledged preparations for the exhibition, including confirmation of booths, transportation of exhibits, booth designs and displays, from recruiting companies to participate in the auto goods exhibition to be held in China. It is also planning to provide marketing support to small and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers when they participate in such exhibitions through Autoin.

The exhibition will close on a first-come-first-served basis, and companies wishing to participate in the exhibition will be able to receive instructions from the person in charge when inquiring through e-mail( or representative number (1644-1393).

Meanwhile, Otto will sign a contract with the Latin auto parts expo agency to be held in July 2020 as well as a Chinese exhibition to recruit participating companies.