Registration of partnership proposals

The partnership proposals and sponsorship agreements received through this system are formally reviewed.
Relevant data is used only for affiliate review purposes.

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    • Notes

      • ¡ To protect the applicant's rights, please fill out the details except for detailed descriptions of confidential information
      • ¡ * Markings are mandatory.
    • Contents of the partnership proposal

      Proposal Overview *
      Company (institutional) Introduction

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      PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, HWP, GUL, GIF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, TXT, MP3 Only files are available.

    • Company information partnership proposals

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    • Personal information collection and
      a guide to the use

      • Autoin, Inc. collects personal information from companies and individuals who wish to form alliances as follows.
      • 1. Personal information collected : [Required] Company name, Proposal name, Email address, Phone number / [Select] Home page address, fax numbe
      • 2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Utilization: To secure personal identification and smooth communication path based on the partnership application
      • 3.Personal information retention and utilization period: Store and destroy for one month from the time when the partnership proposal is completed.
      • 4. Added disclaimer notice: You can reject consent to collect personal information such as above. However, if you refuse to agree, your application for an alliance proposal may be restricted.
        Other details are in compliance with the privacy policy of each company.
    • We will review your proposal and make sure to contact you when the business is decided. Proposer partnerships and offers may be rejected for several reasons, such as the same or similar to the business in which Autoine is already in progress, the first offer from a third party, or the company's business direction or terms of partnership at the time of review. Therefore, please take this into consideration and please provide us with only the information that can be disclosed. We will not be liable for any compensation or reply to the proposal. Please write the partnership proposal except for the proposed business secrets, confidential information, and business ideas that you think need to protect. In addition, in the case of alliance requests that require the disclosure or sharing of various intellectual property rights, such as patents, designs, and copyrights, please make a request to us after completing the necessary measures to protect the rights of the proposals, such as applications. The partnership proposal and related materials you have registered are used only for alliance review purposes and will be destroyed immediately if the alliance proposal is not accepted. However, it is kept for one month in the same personal information as the proposed registration number so that the proposed partnership proposal progress can be checked by the proposal, and other information, except for the 'Hope of Rest' and 'Short of Rest' used in the statistics, will be destroyed immediately after the storage period has elapsed. In addition, if a proposal for an alliance is requested to be re-registered, but the proposal is not re-submitted within 30 days, the proposal for the partnership shall be scrapped.