Partner Proposal Guide

The partnership proposals and sponsorship agreements received through this system are formally reviewed.
Relevant data is used only for affiliate review purposes.

  1. 01Registration and

  2. 02Proposal Contents

  3. 03Statement

01Registration and Reception

¡ Please receive suggestions such as service partnership and sponsorship agreement via this page.
¡ Please state only the ‘publicable contents’ that are not classified or confidential.
¡ (Note)Autoin will accept the offer and will guide you through the e-mail you entered when registering that your application has been completed.
¡ Suggestions and related data are used only for alliance review purposes.

02Proposal Review

¡ Submitted partnership proposals can be reviewed and further materials can be requested or re-examined by the proposal.
¡ In the event that there is no reply to the request for data or to the inquiry within 30 days, the proposed partnership will be terminated.

03End of partnership proposal

¡ When registering the outcome of the review of the proposed partnership entered e-mail address be sent to.
¡ separate procedures for the affiliate, is determined, the alliance, I’ll show you around.
¡ proposal unless his proposal is accepted with partnership and the relevant data are destroyed immediately.