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– Culture Day, in-house study operation…All employees are called ‘Pro’ to unify
– Not a high wage level, but actively utilizes stock options and tomorrow’s fill deduction

Platform economy is emerging. This method combines industry members and consumers with platforms and makes profits such as commissions and advertisements while providing services. The success of mobile app “The Nation of Delivery” and “Toss,” which were developed by a South Korean startup, was also attributed to its preoccupation with the platform.

Autogen, an online platform developer in Buk-gu, Daegu, is also rapidly growing as it pioneered markets that were never there before. Autoin introduced a platform that ties auto parts companies around the world. Currently, some 80 countries and 500 companies are registered as members.

Membership companies can pay membership fees every year and sign contracts after being quoted by other member companies that are registered on the platform. In regions, major parts manufacturers such as E.S.E.L. and Ieo Automotive are using the Autoin platform.

Na Yong-sun, CEO of Autoin, stressed that hiring is the part that cares the most about the company’s growth process. Due to characteristics of online platforms, securing quality development personnel is a priority. Last year, Autoin was selected for the “Hopeful Sound Project” project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, aimed at connecting young job seekers with local outstanding companies, and received an incentive award in the review.

The strength of the company that I introduced is the atmosphere. The free atmosphere unique to startups and in-house welfare will be attractive factors for young job seekers in Daegu,” he said. Otto runs his own Culture Day, allowing employees to have leisure time during working hours.

Aside from Culture Day, employees created in-house studies to allow them to develop themselves at any time, if they are part of their work. It is also characterized by a horizontal organizational culture with relatively no hierarchy among rank-and-file workers, as the titles among employees are unified as “pro.”

It is somewhat disappointing that the wage level is not high. The salary of a first-time college graduate is around 2 million won. Because of the characteristics of platform business, which is in the form of a subscription economy, sales are often difficult until a certain number of members are secured.

While stressing the possibility of future growth, Otto said, “We are actively utilizing the government-backed projects such as “Youth Daylight Credit Service,” while giving stock options to all employees, and thus ensuring the level of income for employees as much as possible.

“While there is a perception that starting-ups are free in terms of internal culture and war valve, there are many cases where salaries are still small.” said CEO Na. “Even though there are many auto parts suppliers in Daegu, there were no platforms that connect South Korean partners. As we have dominated the market, I think we have ample potential for growth in the future,” he said.

Reporter Park Sang-gu 기자

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