Participate in a meeting of Daegu Youth cheering company officials

[2019-10-24] On Thursday, a meeting of corporate officials was held at ING Campus near the northern gate of Kyungpook National University to find ways to coexist with Daegu Youth cheering companies.

Attending the event was a company introduced in the daily newspaper “Nock to our company,” while Otto was invited to the meeting as the seventh company to be introduced.

The Daegu Youth cheering company co-prosperity project is a project that promotes networking of local “business and youth” based on regional “cafes.” Young people can be provided with an active space for drinking and start-ups, career exploration and information on small and medium enterprises in the region, and companies are focusing on enhancing their understanding of the corporate culture favored by young people and promoting their businesses.

The main contents of the meeting, hosted by the youth policy in Daegu City, were discussions on co-prosperity with discussions on finding ways to co-exist with youth cheering companies and holding a corporate networking day to communicate with young people and promote Korean companies.

The city of Daegu promised to hold a corporate networking day in November after collecting opinions from corporate officials to promote co-prosperity through linkage and cooperation among the youth, business and cafe operators.

“In the case of start-ups, we are having a difficult time due to difficulties in the supply and demand of human resources, especially under the job matching,” CEO Na Yong-sun said. “We hope that networking between local businesses and young people will be actively carried out through various businesses such as Daegu Youth cheering companies and win-win projects.”